Unlike some years ago when websites were almost exclusively static, the standard currently is to have a feature-rich, dynamic site. Few people can build this kind of web site from scratch though, so the simplest solution to have a dynamic website is to use a script application. A lot of hosting service providers offer script installers that you can use to add this kind of an application for any of your domain name or subdomains, so you will not have to set up anything manually. The advantage of using an installer tool is that the scripts are available to use in just a few minutes and the copy that will be installed is already with the settings needed for it to run correctly on the specific hosting server, so you will not need to change any script or account settings. In this way you can easily build one with just a few mouse clicks even when you have never had a website before.

1-click Applications Installer in Cloud Website Hosting

The 1-click script installer that we provide is available with every cloud website hosting plan absolutely free. You can choose from 50+ applications which will allow you to create any kind of Internet site - an online shop, a forum, a personal portfolio or a photo gallery. All you should do is to choose a script and a domain name, enter the login information for the administration area that you want to have and that is it! In a couple of minutes our system will install that script and you will be able to log in to the back office to start building the website. There is no limit how many scripts you can install or how many copies of a specific script you can use at the same time and you can access the installer via your hosting Control Panel. With our tool, you can forget about investing in web design services as you can create a professional and dynamic internet site with ease.

1-click Applications Installer in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you purchase a semi-dedicated server account from our company, you'll be able to use our 1-click script installer, that will be available in your hosting CP. With simply a couple of mouse clicks you will be able to create any kind of site - an on-line store, a forum, a social network or a personal blog. We have over fifty script apps such as Joomla, Moodle and WordPress, and some of them feature a great number of themes which you can use. The installer is really user-friendly - choose a script and a domain address, pick the admin login details that you want to have for the script back office and then click on the Install button. A few minutes later you'll be able to log in to the back office and begin building your website. All scripts and the themes for them are provided at no extra cost.